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We created Aramé to bridge gaps between professionals and enthusiasts, between knowledge and innovation, and between the joy of cooking and the delight of experiencing. Our goal is to serve as the beacon for sustainable, enduring culinary excellence by providing top-tier knowledge, customized experiences, and fostering culinary creativity.

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We partner with associations and businesses who align with our mission in creating sustainable culinary systems. We are more than consultants; we are culinary catalysts igniting a vibrant culture of taste, innovation, business and connection.
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At Aramé, we aim to draw on decades of experience to assist the hospitality industry, providing proven methods of being responsible and sustainable while improving profitability and success. We welcome the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and businesses over shared passion and to share our collective knowledge, insight, and skills with you.

Chef Julian Bond

Born and raised in the United Kingdom as one of five brothers, Chef Julian Bond loved mealtimes at home, when his mom cooked for the family and they all ate together. His first job at 16 was bussing tables in a local restaurant, followed by full-time culinary school.

After graduation, Chef Bond worked his way up through several Michelin-starred restaurants before moving to Canada in 1991. He opened Star Anise restaurant in 1995 where he soon became Executive Chef and Co-Owner. Five years later he added kitchen design to his repertoire when he opened the kitchens of Oritalia in the Sheraton Le Soleil.

As Chef Bond garnering accolades and awards throughout several roles as executive chef and restaurant owner, and after high-profile positions such as Corporate Executive Chef at Cactus Club Restaurants, the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame inductee settled into a 12-year stint as CEO and Executive Chef of Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. There, he ran day-to-day operations of the Culinary Centre with a team of 28 staff, 220 students on campus and multi-million dollar annual sales.
Chef Robert Clark

Chef Robert Clark

Growing up on Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula with its tradition of hunting, fishing, and foraging, the young Robert Clark learned the importance of eating local and seasonal food. It was to prove the best education for a life and career in the culinary sphere: Clark would go on to become one of Canada’s most influential chefs, and a global ambassador for the country’s sustainable seafood. His pioneering work has earned him many prestigious awards and accolades, culminating in 2020 with his appointment to the Order of Canada, one of the country’s highest civilian honours that recognizes individuals for outstanding achievements, dedication to their communities, and service to the nation.

Training at Toronto’s George Brown College, he was then mentored by a swath of top Canadian chefs, including John Higgins, Marc Thuet, Michael Bonacini, and the legendary Jamie Kennedy. After a sabbatical working across South East Asia and Australia, he came to British Columbia in 1992, joining the opening team at Vancouver’s Star Anise restaurant under chef/owner Adam Busby. But it was his next position—at the city’s new C Restaurant—that would give Clark the platform he needed to introduce his culinary perspective: buy local, be responsible, and still produce a strong bottom line.

In 2005, Clark, along with Dr. John Nightingale and the Vancouver Aquarium, co-founded the Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood program, putting sustainable seafood top of mind for chefs, restaurateurs, and consumers alike.

Through his cookbooks, television work, and his current position as Chief Culinary Officer at Organic Ocean, Clark continues his advocacy for sustainable seafood and stronger local food systems.
‟We both have hard-won experience we can share; we're excited to use it to elevate the work of our clients, build sustainable models for their business, and work alongside them to achieve enduring success.”